Participation in some form of drama is being recognised more and more by parents and educators as an essential tool in the development of some of the most important life skills.

Confidence is usually how we expect our children to benefit and, indeed, a ‘shy’ or reticent child, if sensitively lead through drama activities will blossom and become bolder and more self-assured. Children already bursting with confidence however, can learn co-operation, sensitivity and empathy towards others.

An outwardly happy and gregarious child can find the drama classroom or the theatrical playing space somewhere that they can share and talk about the things that make them sad or feel lonely sometimes.

And it is definitely somewhere where every child can learn to work with others; to listen, collaborate, imagine, laugh, cry and support in an atmosphere where team work is a priority.

Lessons with Boost! are underpinned by the essential skills of drama, vocally and physically but the end goal is not necessarily focused on trying to turn a child into a ‘star’. Of course, lessons in drama skills are an essential grounding for the would-be actor but so are they for most professions! The ability to communicate, empathise and talk in public is essential in almost every workplace where a team-lead approach is overtaking the more traditional hierarchy.

Whatever your child wants to be – and most of them don’t even know yet – Boost! wants them to walk into that university or job interview or drama school audition and look those that will judge them straight in the eye!