Holiday Workshops

This summer try your hand at proper stage fighting or discover a fresh approach to Shakespeare. Join us at Boost! for two unique workshops offering a really exciting opportunity to try something new. Use the contact form on the right to enquire or book below.

One Day Introduction to Shakespeare

7-11 year olds

Tuesday 8th August – £25

Similar to our Introduction to Shakespeare workshops for schools.

Packed with games, facts, improvisation and performance opportunities, this exciting workshop will give children a fun, positive and engaging introduction to the work of The Bard.

How can Shakespeare set you free?

What are the most famous six words in the whole world?

Can Hamlet, Juliet, the Three Witches, Macbeth and Bottom work out their Downstage Left from their Upstage Right?

Take a Shakespearean word shower, put words into the mouth of a murderer and learn how to properly insult your classmates.

Take a Pentameter Canter through some of the best quotes ever, perform a famous scene and learn how to die dramatically!


Three Day Dramatic Combat

8-14 year olds

Wednesday 9th – Friday 11th August – £95

Boost! are joining forces with Dean Forster Stunts for an exciting three days of drama and combat training with real Film Stunt and Fight Co-ordinators and Performers.

Each day, after a fun session learning different fight techniques, you will work with Boost! Drama Teachers to combine your new skills with script work and then apply them to some of the most famous fight scenes in Shakespeare.

Fantastic experience and great fun for girls and boys.