Caroline sets and achieves high standards for her drama pupils. She has a great way of engaging with her students: our daughter always looks forward to drama club. The net result of her classes: our child is increasing her self-confidence, developing her public speaking ability, and learning about the importance of teamwork – and all in a fun way. Brilliant.
Kate Chadney - Parent
Danny is always in a happy and positive mood after drama club and he really looks forward to it. He often tells us what he has done and he is able to sing, or tell us about acting in some detail
Jenny MacDonald - Parent
Joseph has really enjoyed drama club – he always comes back energised and enthusiastic which is great to see.
Kay Walsha - Parent
Sophia has really enjoyed drama club and looks forward to it more than anything else she does. She is always animated afterwards and is growing in confidence. Thank you and looking forward to next term!
Penny White - Parent
I like playing games like ‘Granny Footsteps’, pretending to be animals and popping balloons
Thomas - aged 5
I love all the running about, the acting and the boom song.
Danny - aged 5
Your warm ups are good and I like the tongue twisting we do such as ‘Betty Botter’. I also like when we work in groups because we can put our own ideas in it. I really like Drama!
Sarah - aged 10
Long Wittenham Primary School has worked with Caroline for nearly two years. The pupils enjoy the club and are enthusiastic about attending each week. We have seen children grow in confidence and they are keen to share their performances with family and wider members of the school. Boost! have been extremely supportive, understanding and sympathetic by offering discounted/free places to certain pupils that would benefit from taking part in the club.

Elena Alder - School Administrator, Long Wittenham Primary School
I wanted to say how much Fiona enjoys your Drama club. I think it is doing lots for her confidence. Big thanks

Laura Bristow - Parent
‘The Boost! After-school club is one of my nine-year-old daughter’s favourite activities. She’s been going for over two years and I’ve noticed her grow in confidence in that time. The members of the club have a lovely camaraderie. I particularly enjoyed watching the modern-day version of scenes from Romeo and Juliet – amazing!’
Julia Sadler - Parent
Drama club is a fun enjoyable activity learning and strengthening your self confidence. I really look forward to drama at the end of school thinking of what exiting things we are going to do!!

Elisabeth - aged 9
Jemima has really enjoyed her drama classes with Caroline and has been attending for around 3 years since it first started at the school. I am told she is fairly quiet at school in class, but in drama she is able to express herself and it has helped her self confidence grow too, but most of all she really enjoys it!
Charlie Fowler - Parent
Thank you, it was so incredible to see meg doing that earlier given that a yr ago she would have cowered away if anyone even talked to her, thank you for giving her the opportunity and making such a lovely fuss of her after, very special
Liz Smith - Parent
Harry loved drama. He said it’s better than anything even school and tennis!! He’s exhausted though!
Emma Ferry - Parent

“The most valuable asset a nation has is the creativity of its children.” Alan Plater (Playwright)

Parents want the absolute best for their children and that often means dedicating their evenings and weekends to collecting, feeding and shipping them out again to their next activity. Bed times get later and weekends get shorter as they strive to ensure they don’t miss out. After school clubs make this a bit easier.

With Boost! the leader is at school when children come out of class and they have 15 minutes to relax over a snack before beginning a fun-packed session of drama. No special equipment is required, simply a school hall and some enthusiastic children!

Lesson plans are tailored on a weekly basis to the individual class, starting with a warm up activity but launching pretty quickly into the ‘acting bit’ because they usually can’t wait to get stuck in!

Our clubs teach children self-control, discipline and the ability to collaborate, listen and accept the viewpoints of others. They develop confidence, tolerance, empathy and a better self-image.

Children are listened to and are never asked to do anything that makes them uncomfortable. After a while, they will voluntarily start to step, little by little, out of their comfort zone.

Lessons are usually charged in advance for a term of 10 – 12 1 hour sessions ( Each session costs £4.50 a child or £4.00 for their siblings).

If you are a school who would like a Boost! or a parent who would like a Boost! for your child’s school please contact us – we would love to talk to you.