This September, join us for our new Saturday drama clubs. Try something different this term! Classes start 9th September 2017

4-6 year olds 9.00am – 9.45am

A gentle introduction to drama using fun games, imaginary worlds and traditional stories  bringing very young children out of themselves and co-operating with each other.

£72 for 12 weeks

7-10 year olds 10.00am – 11.00am

An exciting energetic class with warm up games and lots of ‘making it up on the spot’. Children will  be gradually introduced to script work and spend time devising their own scenes.

£96 for 12 weeks

11 – 16 year olds 11.15am – 12.45pm

This slightly more challenging class works on developing drama techniques and theatre craft using focused warm up games, improvisation exercises and script work.

£126 for 12 weeks